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Topknot caught from the Pier stem Scott Mairs, Sunday 21st April 2019 Damien Bartlett caught this elusive topknot on Good Friday from the upper deck. It was the first ever fish Damien has ever caught all on his own on the equipment I bought him for his birthday the week before. The rare topknot fell to a single lugworm. Since posting the photo on the South East Sea Fishing group on Facebook quite a few people have suggested that this fish would likely have been a new record if it had been weighed etc. But to be honest we are both just really happy that he caught the fish and it’s safe to say he is now hooked on fishing. The Rose voted “Hotel of the Week” Kate Lough, Evening Standard, 10th April 2019 Kate Lough falls for the charms of this diminutive Kent seaside town thanks to its new boutique hotel. For the last few years, Kent’s coastal towns such as Margate, Whitstable and Hastings have been enjoying their moment in the sun.

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